What does my sign represent for my company?

In UNI SIGNS we are aware of what your business means to you, that’s why through this article we will give you some advice that you should think about when choosing the SIGN that will symbolize your business.

Any type of business, from the largest to the smallest must have in its premises some kind of external advertising. An appropriate sign, will increase its visibility in the market, and attract more customers.

When it comes to the success of a local commerce, there is a factor that many entrepreneurs do not take into account: their SIGN, this is based on the message it conveys. Many of them, usually believe that it is enough to turn their logo into an advertisement, however, its complexity goes beyond that.

Being noticed is one of the first objectives for the ad, however, you should consider the following, “once I am noticed, what should I convey about my business?

It is easy to neglect certain aspects, but here are some recommendations that you should use to obtain more successful results in your business:

  • What does my sign represent for my business premises?
  • What should my SIGN convey?
  • Does typography influence the message?
  • What should I consider when designing my sign?
  • How can the material used in my sign message affect it?
  1. What does my sign represent for my business premises?

The corporeal letters leave a lasting message in the memory of the customer, in which only a fraction of 5 seconds is needed to generate an impact and with it the expectations of the market. At that moment the company is labeled by the first impression of the client, managing to attract or scare them away, this will depend on the quality of your corporate advertisement, and from there its relevance is born.

The main purpose is to help customers find your business.

  1. What should my SIGN convey?

The sign represents what your company has to offer, it is the first impression you get from it and it works as a quality indicator. Therefore, not only your business name should be projected, but also captivating information.

You must make sure that you represent your identity and that you are communicating it correctly. A high-quality advertisement will mark the professional aspect of your business.

  1. Does typography influence the message?

The answer is yes. Through the type of typography, you can show in what sense the corporate identity of your company is aligned, the font chosen can represent the personality and style of your brand.

Think about how a classic restaurant sign looks compared to a fast food restaurant, Can you remember some differences? From the typography of an ad, individuals are able to recognize the type of market to which the store belongs, or simply create an idea of the products or services it offers, in addition to generating an expectation of its quality.

The work of outdoor signage is to communicate, so readability is a high priority, we recommend you focus on making the typography legible, the proper separation between each letter of the sign text can cause a big difference.

It is not necessary a complex text to transmit an appropriate message, in most cases, the simple manages to catch the attention faster, being easier to read, resulting more memorable.

Typography is one of the most important elements in the company’s identity, since it serves to be recognized and highly differentiated from the competition.

  1. What should I consider when designing my sign?

More than a sign to be noticed, it must be one that succeeds in communicating and enduring in the memory of the clients. There is no point in having a sign that attracts, if the right message is not sent to the right audience.

The design should vary according to the type of local, considering if it is destined to work by day or by night, if it will have a modern or classic concept, the icons that represent the type of market in which it is found, the segmentation of public among them the type of target to which it is directed.

In this same order of ideas, you will have to define the colors to apply in your design, since these have the power to transmit emotions, which will make you perceive if your place is a warm, extravagant, picturesque, eccentric, simple environment, among others.

Each of these aspects serves to coincide with the public and its expectations. In other words, the recipient of your message will feel attracted and identified with your business, and will then request your services, and check that their expectations were met.

  1. How can the material used in my sign message affect it?

The type of material used also influences visual communication, so the concept of your business can be defined through this aspect.

There are several types of SIGN and each of them could convey a different impression, therefore, it is recommended to use the most appropriate one, which suits your needs. This may interfere with the quality of your ad, but don’t worry, at UNI SIGNS we take seriously the quality that each SIGN should project, so we will be advising you throughout the process.

When choosing, you should consider, the location where your sign will be placed, the size, the distance from which you want it to be seen, and the style of your business.

Do you still have doubts about what your SIGN can represent?

So, we recommend you to make surveys to your family, friends, or acquaintances to know, what was their first impression when they saw your sign? This will help you to know if their answers are in line with what you want to convey. Ideally, your sign should be consistent and meet the needs of your market.

We hope this information has been useful to you. If you have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. At UNI SIGNS we are ready to advise you and provide you with the best tools so that your SIGN has the proper and efficient use that you want for your company.

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