Why is LED sign replacing Neon sign?

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In the market of corporeal letters there is a great diversity of materials used for their elaboration, and different types of illumination. Through the present content, we will give you some of the most relevant information about two popular types of lighting, neon and LED.

  • What is happening with the neon sign today?
  • Is the neon really being replaced on the signs?
  • 5 reasons why the LED has replaced the NEON
  • Does Neon pollute the environment?

What is happening with the neon sign today?

During several decades, the use of neon in the signs obtained a great commercial receptivity, most of these were implemented in night clubs or vintage style. Their great popularity was attributed to the fact that they were eye-catching enough to attract the attention of anyone who saw them.

You will probably have in your memories some neon signs that you have seen, since they are easy to distinguish by their attractive colors and brightness.

However, they are rarely seen today. So, the following questions arise: Why is such an eye-catching and popular sign being displaced today? Why are neon signs not as highly regarded as they once were for shop advertising?

Is the neon really being replaced on the signs?

Yes. The evolution of corporeal letters has been increasing, generating considerable changes, in which one of the most notable is the replacement of neon lights by LED lights. But what will be the main causes of this change?

Today the LED is considered a better alternative. So read on and find out below 5 reasons why LED has replaced neon!

5 reasons why the LED has replaced the NEON

  1. Is LED really cheaper than neon lighting?

LED signs cost less than neon signs at the time of purchase. But, besides that, this value is not the only one to consider, since LED signs are energy savers, so in the long run they could make a big difference in your store’s electricity bill.

It´s important to remember that the energy saving of LED lights does not affect the quality of the sign.

  1. Which is safer, LED lighting or neon lighting?

Over time, neon signs can slowly filter out the toxic gases they are made of for your lighting, causing damage to the environment. Unlike neon, LED lights use another type of technology, more ecological and feasible. In addition, the LED can work without getting so hot that it is even safe to touch.

  1. Which one has a higher yield?

If we refer to life again LED light takes the advantage, it is able to last longer than other types of lighting. In addition, it will not stop working as fast as neon, but will gradually decrease its light output. As for neon, as time goes by, the gas inside the glass tubes begins to leak slowly.

Have you ever seen a sign that looks bad because a letter or part of it is not lit? Most likely, yes, and this is because of such a leakage of toxic neon gases, which occurs slowly, leaving certain areas unlit. In these cases, the merchant must take action, replace the gas or a new sign. A deteriorated sign becomes less attractive in the eyes of customers.

On the other hand, if the glass in the neon sign breaks, it must be replaced with a new one, as it cannot be repaired.

  1. Versatility

With the LED material can be developed from the simplest designs to some more striking, has a wider range of colors than neon. Being able to adapt to the style that requires any type of business.

  1. Protection of the environment

The LED light also saves energy, as mentioned above. It does not use toxic gases, adding to this, the LED lights are recyclable so they do not pollute the environment like neon.

Does Neon pollute the environment?

The (better than) neon signs are manufactured with fragile glass tubes, composed of polluting gases such as mercury, argon, among others; which, when connected to a power source, provide their enchanting colors. However, a break in any of the tubes could cause the emission of toxic gases, affecting the environment.

  • We are aware that LED lights do not have a brightness as strong as neon, however, the benefits provided by a sign with LED lighting, today has indisputable advantages, so it is the most recommended alternative to neon.

It is essential to choose products for your business that will improve and make your store more useful. As for the types of signs, those manufactured with LED light, provide more advantages than neon, being able to minimize costs, ensure quality, ensure durability, maintenance, and in addition to them as an added value to care for the environment through its ecological principles.

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